Religious Tolerance (A German Perspective)

Recently, German public television (ARD) interviewed members of the Flushing Interfaith Council about the diversity of our community and how we relate to one another.  Specifically, ARD journalists were fascinated by the relative harmony between religious groups in Flushing compared to the rising conflict in Germany and the rest of Europe.

According to Harvard University research, the Flushing neighborhood in New York is the most religiously diverse place on Earth. In 2.5 square miles, there are more than 200 different houses of worship, including Hindu temples, Christian churches, Muslim mosques, Jewish synagogues, and Buddhist temples right next to each other. How can so many different faiths live in peace — side by side in the Flushing community — when so many are suffering from religious persecution and violence around the world?

For more, go to ARD Television.

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