Flushing Friends

Flushing Monthly Meeting is part of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).  We are a member of New York Yearly Meeting, which currently consists of more than 80 monthly meetings and worship groups in New York, northern and central New Jersey, and southwestern Connecticut.

 “We are seekers of the vital experience of continuing revelation today.  We seek wholeness in the grace of understanding and appreciation of the authenticity of a variety of paths.  The experience of the Indwelling Guide leads to an understanding of “that of God in everyone,” which deepens the desire to witness and honor that essence in fellow humans, animals, and the natural world, and is the basis of our testimonies of integrity, simplicity, equality, and peace.”

 The business of Flushing Meeting is handled by volunteer clerks and committees.  For more information please contact us at flushingfriends@gmail.com or 929-251-4301.

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