Flushing Remonstrance Study Project

flushingremonstrance3The National Park Service (NPS) held a public meeting to discuss a Special Resource Study for the Flushing Remonstrance in Queens, New York.

The study, authorized by the United States Congress as part of Public Law 113-291, will help decide whether the resources related to the Flushing Remonstrance would meet criteria for congressional designation as a unit of the National Park System.

This public meeting took place on Wednesday October 26, 2016 at the Flushing Meeting House, at 137-16 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, New York.

The purpose of the meeting was to give an opportunity for citizens to learn about and comment on the study and hear about the criteria used by the National Park Service to flushingremonstrance2determine eligibility for establishment of a potential unit of the National Park System.

The four criteria used by the NPS include: national significance, suitability for inclusion within the National Park System, feasibility for inclusion, and the need for National Park Service management. In addition, the study may present alternative management approaches to resource protection that do not involve potential congressional designation as a unit of the National Park System.

The NPS also presented information about how the public may take part in and comment on the study.

flushingremonstranceAdditional information on the criteria used to select new national parklands is available on the following website: http://parkplanning.nps.gov/SpecialResourceDocuments.cfm.

The NPS encourages all those interested to send concerns, suggestions, and questions about the Flushing Remonstrance Special Resource Study to the following website: http://parkplanning.nps.gov/flushing.

For further information, contact Project Manager Lisa Kolakowsky Smith, National Park Service, Northeast Region, 200 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106; 215-597-7946; lisa_kolakowsky@nps.gov.