Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

As Quakers, we have seen that much can be accomplished when we turn away from violence and toward cooperation. We reject military engagement at any level. Diplomacy and dialogue are the only true solution to conflicts between nations.

Therefore, Flushing Monthly Meeting, in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and their right to sovereignty and peace under international law, prays for the immediate withdrawal of all military troops from Ukraine.

We join with the American Friends Service Committee and other Friends in urging the global community to unequivocally condemn Vladimir Putin’s brutal and immoral invasion, and call upon Russian citizens to demand the cessation of their government’s unconscionable use of violence against their peaceful Ukrainian neighbors.

Now is the time to uphold human dignity and invest in global cooperation that increases our shared security through nonviolent means. We urge the international community to adopt any and all nonviolent measures necessary to bring these nations to the negotiating table while simultaneously ensuring that any sanctions imposed on Russia do not impact health, food access, or other basic needs of the Russian people. We are calling on all parties to respect international humanitarian law and
give unfettered access to humanitarian organizations.

We urge those opposed to Russia’s invasion give generously to refugee
relief and sign the AVAAZ petition at:


If you are unable to access accurate information on current events due to government censorship, the following article on how to build a short wave radio may be of interest: “Owning A ShortWave Radio Is Once Again A Subversive Activity” (Hackaday).