Flushing Monthly Meeting’s Minute on Reproductive Choice

As Quakers, our faith respects both individual personhood and the covenant
relationship of families. We are exhorted to be faithful to the Spirit based on a
trust in, and love of, each other. Flushing Monthly Meeting of the Religious
Society of Friends does not promote any specific doctrine, rules or regulations
regarding these matters, nor do we recommend any. We have made no
determination as to when the Light is first kindled in a human being. Flushing
Monthly Meeting never asks a Seeker or Member what procedures or choices
they have made regarding their reproductive health, nor do we inquire what
procedures regarding reproductive choice a Seeker or Member may have
performed on others. Rather we trust each person to make these decisions for
themselves. We look to our faith to give us guidance in self-discipline, but this
discipline emphasizes a seeking of the Spirit manifesting God’s purpose in the
world, as each of us is best able to discern its expression in our own lives.